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Ementia; (ii) the hallucinations occurred in relation to sleep onset or on waking; (iii) visual hallucinations were accompanied by auditory hallucinations; (iv) the hallucinations were accompanied by symptoms suggestive of a complex partial seizure; (v) there were symptoms or a history suggestive of alcohol withdrawal syndrome; or (vi) the hallucinations formed part of a psychotic illness. The study was approved by the bethlem and maudsley hospital ethics committee and all patients gave informed consent. viagra 100 apotheke Analysis the interview was divided into four classes of variables for further statistical testing. buy viagra online (i) phenomenological (see table 1 for details)—the emotional content variable was recoded into emotional (pleasant and unpleasant) and neutral. viagra 100 apotheke (ii) aetiological—age, sex, acuity, ophthalmic diagnosis, past medical history, current medication and descriptive style. viagra coupon The medication variable was recoded into two categories: patients taking medications associated with visual hallucinations and those not (barodawala and mulley, 1997); the past medical history variable was recoded into two categories: patients with risk factors for cerebrovascular disease (diabetes mellitus and hypertension) and those without; the diagnosis variable was recoded into two categories: patients with senile macular degeneration (smd) and those with other ocular pathologies. viagra no prescription (iii) temporal aspects—the duration of individual hallucinations and the length of time the patients had been hallucinating. buy generic viagra online (iv) miscellaneous variables—see table 2 for details. generic viagra online pharmacy reviews View this table: in this window in a new window table 1 phenomenology of visual hallucinations view this table: in this window in a new window table 2 miscellaneous attributes associations between different phenomenological variables were explored using a matrix of chi-squared tests and factor analysis. viagra users statistics Apart from the transparency variable, for which all but one subject described their hallucinations as opaque, all phenomenological variables were included in the factor analysis. viagra samples Fac. viagra canada online