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And refined foods, the kidneys require more oxygen to force elimination; this extra oxygen is supplied by the adrenal glands. buy viagra online As dr. generic viagra without prescription Henry bieler explains," nature wisely placed these glands near the kidneys, so that their internal secretion (adrenoxidase) can supply oxygen faster, in order to overcome any strain on the process taking place in the globule of the kidney. "(16) adrenal stimulants such as ma huang, cayenne pepper even coffee can stimulate the adrenals to secrete adrenoxidase to supply oxygen faster to compensate for any deficiency in the process occuring in the glomeruli of the kidneys. viagra online ordering By so doing the adrenals especially in a yin deficient individual are overly taxed to facilitate the elimination of toxins through the kidneys. This may possibly shorten the individual's life by tending to deplete the adrenal's reserves. In asthma, the adrenal potential is much below normal and because of this kidney detoxifying function is greatly impaired. buy viagra cheap It is the lungs which try to help the weak kidneys by secreting some of the toxins through their mucous membranes. The lungs are not able to function very well as accessory kidneys and the result is inflammation and irritation of the lungs which lead to a degeneration and atrophy of the bronchiole tubes. Herbal formulas which are useful for kidney deficient asthma include rehmannia six or rehmannia eight formulas previously described. viagra online When there is yin deficiency with dryness one can use rehmannia six with the addition of asparagus cochinchinensis (tian men dong), ophiopogon japonica (mai men dong) and scrophularia ningpoensis (xuan shen). cheap viagra Asthma caused by asthenia or weakness of the kidney is treated with rehmannia eight (jin gui shen qi wan) together with schizandra chinensis (wu wei zi). An animal that is taken to treat kidney yang deficient asthma is gecko lizard. The male and female lizards are usually taken together with the head and feet removed, since these seem to have some toxic principle. natural remedies to viagra Three to six grams are taken as a powder or nine to fifteen grams in decoction. This can be taken alone or together with rehmannia eight for better effect. order viagra Western approaches to treating the endocrine system in the past, western herbalism has been noticeably lacking in treating endocrine disorders. This is primarily because endocrine disorders occurred more as a syndrome of different symptoms and western herbalism has tended to orient itself around more clearly defined pathological conditions. If there was a problem with a hypersympathetic nervous system, western herbalists have tended use sedatives, nervines and perhaps anti-inflammatories. does generic viagra look like There has been little understanding of a condition of asthenic wasting. An herb such as marshmallow (althea officinalis).